Participation of Uruguay in SIMA08

Tuesday 15 April 2008

To celebrate the achievement of organizing the participation of Uruguay in SIMA08, one of the leading international real estate exhibitions, this week, businessman Eduardo Campiglia entertained the delegation of business leaders and representatives of the municipalities of Montevideo and Canelones who are going to be traveling to Spain the next week.

SIMA08, which takes place in Madrid this year from the 8th until the 12th of April is the largest international trade show on residential tourism, and combines in a large exhibition area different thematic pavilions: SIMATUR, the International Touristic Real Estate Fair, the International Pavilion, considered the gateway to investment markets worldwide, the SIMACITIES, promotion, management and planning of cities and SIMAFUTURA, technology, design and equipment for sustainable building. During its last installment 61 were the countries that took part, with 159,827 visitors, 801 total exhibitors and 202 international exhibitors.

 “Three companies, Campiglia, Stiler and Consur Real Estate Development, along with the city councils of Canelones and Montevideo, made ​​a great effort to finally achieve this that we celebrate today: feel like a team, private entrepreneurs and government people, to make Uruguay known as a tourism destination abroad". Campiglia explained that the decision to participate was an initiative of the Montevideo City Council, motivated by the success earned last year in SIMA by a pool of entrepreneurs called "Destination: Punta del Este.”

Taking part in SIMA is an investment, said Campiglia, which exceeds the 50,000 euro mark. It was a great effort that we hope will reap its fruits in the short and medium term, as long as we focus on the target and optimize the resources, adjusting how we work each year.