Estrellas del Sur T25

Precio Lanzamiento - 1 bedromm with garage from UI 1.125.755 eq U$S 142.900

  • Barrio Sur - Gonzalo Ramirez St. and Dr. Aquiles Lanza St.
  • Apartaments of 1 and 2 bedrooms
  • Premieres: A estrenar
Price detail
Unit Price Observaciones
1 Bedroom with garage incl From UI 1.125.755 eq U$S 142.900* Precio Bonificado por forma de pago por avance de obra
2 Bedrooms with ga.rage incl From UI 1.281.440 eq  U$S 162.700* Consulte descuentos con financiacion bancaria  y Contado

*Precios en UI equivalentes en U$S según cotización del 16/03/2017 U$S=$ 28.245 UI= $3.5860
Precios y disponibilidad vigente al 16/03/2017


Estrellas del Sur Tower Twenty-five offers all the benefits granted by the new Law 18.795 National Housing Agency.

  • Exoneration of ITP (2% on land value)
  • Exoneration of IVA
  • Exoneration of Wealth Tax for 10 years
  • Exoneration of Income Tax Holiday, for 10 years (IRPF/IRAE)


In an area that has the charm of those neighborhoods that retain a history of joy, friendship and traditions, inspiration for many artists who saw their streets, their colors and music, the essence of Montevideo identity, was born Estrellas del Sur.

A few meters from the coastline, between Ejido St., Isla de Flores St., Dr. Aquiles Lanza St. and Gonzalo Ramirez Ave., the former factory Strauch leads the new Real Estate development that will help to enhance Sur Neighborhood.

Amusement parks, squares, schools, shops, tourist attractions like Carlos Gardel St. and Medellín Square; surround and value this new venture.

The Project

Estrellas del Sur consists of two towers of 12 and 25 floors and a 3-story building that offer different amenities and shops, plus a beautiful recreational space that integrates adjacent Zitarrosa square. 

The first stage involved the construction of the 12-story tower, located on Ejido St., with 100 units of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms.

This second tower of 25 floors, located on Dr. Aquiles Lanza St. and Gonzalo Ramírez Ave., consists of 238 units of 1 and 2 bedrooms.

In both cases, all the units have main terraces and balconies of service, air conditioning forecast in living room and master bedroom, Security Service 24 hours a day, fully equipped barbecue in top floor and optional garages. From the terraces you can enjoy wonderful views.

Light and Comfort

Quality finishes, large windows with aluminum openings that allow contemplating the sea and the city. Spaces very well resolved, kitchens integrated into the living and dining rooms, under kitchen and countertops closets, wood grain textured slatted floors giving breadth and warmth to the rooms.

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