El Ombú

  • Bella Vista Neighborhood - Evaristo Ciganda 1150


Bella Vista Neighborhood
150 Evaristo Ciganda St.  Apartments of 2 and 3 bedrooms with optional garage.


DESCRIPTION A neighborhood with history. Bella Vista assembles the charm of a neighborhood with history, schools, hospitals, churches and squares paint the streets with colors. It is a "world" where lasting camaraderie and friendships are formed; a place from which you do not need to go out to have everything. Minutes from downtown, the old city and Montevideos harbor; "El Ombú" is located on Evaristo Ciganda St. which because of its proximity to the Prado neighborhood preserves the characteristics of its houses: low buildings, clear views and tree lined streets. A few meters from the main avenues Agraciada, Millan and Suarez, that surround it, communicating it with the rest of the city.


Generous A place to live with freedom and tranquility "El Ombú" is a project designed for families looking for the security of a building with the comforts of a house. Two buildings with units on ground floor, first and second floor. The building, located on Evaristo Ciganda St. has four apartments with two bedrooms per level. Separated by a large space and a corridor of private patios is the second building with six apartments of two and three bedrooms on each floor.


Luminous Live, share, grow and enjoy Respect for the nature of the environment, parking spaces, recreational playground and a barbecue that ensures the enjoyment of meetings with family and friends. Enjoy the free, quiet and safe air, under the shade of the tree that gave rise to the project name: "El Ombú". Download Descriptive Folder   CLOSE DESCRIPTION