Since 1979 building trust


In 1979 Eduardo Campiglia received the degree in civil engineering at the University of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

Immediately starts the dream of creating Campiglia company, in order to self-generate work.

For the start of commercial activities, the human capital of its founder it adds a small loan from Banco República available for professionals.

This will serve to channel their personal concerns and dreams filled with solid values

  • Perform the task with the joy of doing things getting better
  • Create sources of productive work
  • To satisfy customers
  • Think long-term
  • Reinvesting profits in the company

Our commitment

With our CUSTOMERS: To achieve long-term relationship with a personalized service, fulfilling commitments

Con nuestros COLABORADORES: Promover un clima de trabajo positivo, proactivo, que fomente su crecimiento laboral y personal, valorando su calidad humana y profesional.

Caring job security especially in our works.

With our SUPPLIERS: Select them based on their commitment and aligned with the company, generating mutual benefits and lasting ties values

With SHAREHOLDERS: Ensuring the safety and profitability of their investments.

The Community: Collaborate with the development of the area where we intervene, creating jobs and respecting the environment.

We are committed to developing our management under a system of continuous improvement, relying on people and for the long term.


Our vision

Being leaders for our professionalism, accountability, reliability, efficiency and quality of products and services, according to the promises, acting as a socially responsible company. Continue growing as a team so that our humanity is preferred by customers, suppliers, shareholders and consumers in general.

Our mision

To satisfy our customers through quality products and services; assessing and developing human resources in our organization, through training, incorporating appropriate technology as a competitive differential.


Ing. Leopoldo Morales, Ing. Federico Rodriguez, Cr. Pablo Campiglia, Alejandra González, Ing. Eduardo Campiglia, Soledad Galbán, Arq. Matías Coll, Esc. Sandra Citera, Germán Campiglia